About us

The brand ‘Fantasia’ is the newest brand of the Macedonian confectionery company Makprogres. Fantasia is a line of half-cooked food products which enable a fast and easy preparation of cookies, pancakes, cakes, muffins and crackers, and give a wide range of accessories for sweet pastry decoration, as well as additives for baking. The range of products is unique in many ways. This is the first time that a Macedonian company introduces such line of products, and the line of salty products is considered to be unique even in the larger market.

The Fantasia’s range of products offers innovative products which are unique in the world, such as the salty muffins and crackers, ideal and fast to prepare for breakfast or as a snack. The product portfolio is designed according to the needs of the modern costumer who has little time to cook, but who also wants to have a quality meal. The Fantasia brand primarily targets young, busy women who don’t have much time for cooking, but want to show to their love ones how much they mean to them by cooking them something delicious and homemade.

The work of the team of technologists, quality managers and marketers in ‘Makprogres’, who have been actively working very hard for years on the selection of ingredients, recipes and the final look of the products, is finally complete.
The development of the entire range of products is due to the team work of developing structures of Makprogres. Our goal is to make products that are easily available, affordable, easy to make and also to have satisfied consumers around the world who enjoy eating homemade food.

Fantasia in Cucina! – Fantasy in the Kitchen!